Brief Description

Brief Description of the Collaborative Research Center Transregio 29

The collaborative research center Transregio 29 (CRC TR29)  “Industrial Product-Service Systems – Dynamic Interdependencies of Products and Services in the Production Area“ aims to establish an innovative and user-oriented understanding of products and services. This understanding views product and service shares in an integrated and mutually determined way as Industrial Product-Service Systems and leads to an increased solution space. Here, new possibilities for innovations arise due to the integrated view of product and service shares. The increased solution space also leads to a better marketing of highly complex machines, as the customer is offered an increased utility value. This is of great importance, as the German mechanical engineering's only chance of competing on a global level is in the field of high technology products. Given the current circumstances, winning the competition based on the reduction of prices is not possible. If the customer is not able to exploit all technological advantages offered, less complex machines manufactured in low wage countries are more economic. Therefore, technology-based market leadership does not directly result in corresponding market success. Only the integration of the product with an appropriate service avoids the danger of technology traps.

The Transregio fields of activity span the comprises the entire life cycle of Industrial Product-Service Systems. Approaches, methods and tools to plan, develop, deliver and use Industrial Product-Service Systems are developed in this collaborative research project. The effects of the initiated paradigm shift are being examined in 12 projects in the fields of “Planning/Development”, “Delivery/Usage”, “Life Cycle” and “Demonstrator”. The research activity is being supported by the development of a demonstrator in the field of micro-production.

Further details: English TR 29 News

This research project is funded by the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft".


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